Check out what other students have to say about learning English with Kelsey Sensei!


I really like our English lessons it´s a very comfortable and easy way for me to improve my English skills. The possibility to have lessons over Skype is great; it saves a lot of time for me. I don´t have to go to a language school, the English teacher comes to me.

The lessons are very well structured, at first a short small talk training about daily topics, after this we talk about the homework or open questions from the last lesson. Then we start to work on some topics which I want and if I don´t have a topic than Kelsey has one prepared.

I like the procedure which Kelsey uses; I always get some sheets at the end of our lesson and can prepare me for the next lesson. So we don’t waste time for preparation and we can start talking from the first second.

Also the correction from the homework is great, we look up the homework together and Kelsey corrects my mistakes. It´s also possible that she correct a longer text alone but I like that we read it together and talk about immediately.

Now we started together to prepare me for the Cambridge International Certificate in Financial English. She helped me from the first second, for e.g. with the choice of the right books. We worked out a learning strategy and she always gives me some motivation to work on my English skills.

So, I think that are the most important things to say about the lessons with Kelsey.

Ohhhh … I forgot one, for me as an European the times are very Great, I am able to have lessons until midnight and this is very important when you work full time. 😉

-Florian, Austria


“I really feel more confident to speak English. The biggest progress I’ve noted is about listening. It was a huge problem understand even the context in speeches from native speakers before start get lessons from you… Before discover your lessons in Skype I never had time and patience to have lessons outside home. Now I can contact with English twice a week and this is excellent, even in half hour…My listening skills have increased expressively and I’m very satisfied.”

-Leonardo, Brazil


Before I met my teacher, I could only say yes or no at english conversation. Now I can enjoy conversation. My teacher has friendly atmosphere. Thanks to my teacher.”

-Ayako, Japan


“Icould speak English in Hawaii, and communicate with foreign people. I enjoyed our lesson because it’s fun to learn anything and sit with drinking coffee with you.”

Kazuyuki, Japan


“I liked that we could speak about different topics that allowed me improve my vocabulary and develop communication skills.”

-Elena, Spain




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