Schedule a lesson

How to schedule a lesson:

One class= 50 minute lesson via Skype

Please fill out the form below including your available lesson times and dates, as well as your learning goals.

Do you need Business English lessons? Conversational English? Test preparation? Please feel free to let me know how to help you!
ビジネス英語のレッスンが必要ですか? 英会話ですか?受験準備ですか?

(The first meeting is FREE!)

Click here to buy your first 25 minute lesson!

Click here to buy your first 50 minute lesson!



  • The first lesson is FREE. In this session I can learn about your goals with English and make a lesson plan designed for you.
  • No-show: If the student does not contact me to cancel and does not attend the lesson, I will charge full price for that lesson (a “no-show”).
  • If the student needs to discontinue lessons but has paid for additional lessons, the additional payments will be refunded in full.


My availability calendar:
(If no time is shown, please contact me for an opening)


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